Philip  Wesson

Philip Wesson

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First Name * Philip
Last Name * Wesson
Username * PhilWesson
Country * USA
City Stamford
Nationality American
Languages EnglishJapanese


Current Position Artist;IT / Networking / System Admin;Modeller;Sales / Marketing
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGraphic DesignWeb Design
Preferred Tools ModelingFlashLightWave 3DPhotoshopHTMLCopy Writing DesignDreamWeaverLightWavePhotographyWeb Graphics


I was introduced to CG in junior high when my father purchased the application, 3D Design StudioEZ. After that, I was hooked. I was then introduced to Bryce3D and Calagari's Truespace.
In college, I studied Animation:Master and purchased Lightwave 3D. I have backgrounds in art, some photography, and computer aided drafting.

I personally enjoy anime, lots of fantasy and scifi works, as well as poltical and social commentary, modern and traditional architecture, guitar, and drawing